Under Eye Filler Bradford (Tear Trough Filler)

Under Eye Fillers Bradford (Tear Trough Filler)

By Rejuveo Aesthetics

What are Under Eye Fillers

Under Eye Fillers in Bradford are one of the most popular treatments we offer in our clinics. Under Eye Fillers (also known as Tear Trough Filler) is when we use hyaluronic acid to add volume to the under eyes.

The treatment takes around 5 minutes to do and is the treatment of choice for people with hollow under eyes.

Common Questions include:

  • Am I suitable
  • How long do they last?
  • What is the down time?
  • What product do you use?
  • Who should do the treatment?
  • Where are you based?

Our Bradford based clinic is held in the heart of Manningham in the Carlisle Business Centre (BD8 8BD)

Under Eye Filler Bradford

Am I Suitable for Under Eye Filler?

Under Eye Fillers are a great treatment to lift and add volume to the under eyes

It can be used to treat:

  1. Hollow Under Eyes
  2. Sunken Under eyes

A key point is that it does not lighten the skin or remove dark circles. It simply lifts the under eye area.

Importantly not everyone is suitable for Under Eye Fillers  and so we suggest a free consultation with our doctors in the Bradford Clinic.

Bradford Under Eye Filler

How Long do Under Eye Fillers (Tear Trough Fillers) last?

Under Eye Fillers last on average 9-12 months using hyaluronic acid. How long they last depends on a number of variables below.

  • Faster metabolic rate breaks down filler faster
  • Sun bed usage breaks down filler faster
  • Smoker can break down filler faster
  • Being dehydrated means you do not get the maximal impact of fillers
Tear Trough Fillers Bradford

What Is The Down Time?

For Under Eye Filler we use a Micro cannula which means there is very minimal down time

  1. Treatment takes around 5 minutes – can go straight to work!
  2. Pain is minimal with a micro cannula
  3. Bruising and swelling is usually minimal
  4. Results are immediate with the final result after 2 weeks
  5. Make up can be worn after 6 hours.
Tear Trough Fillers Leeds

What Product do you use?

For our Under Eye Fillers in Bradford and Leeds our favourite choice of produce is:

This Product is renowned for:

  • Being specifically designed for the under eyes
  • Reduces risk of puffiness under the eyes
  • Contains local anaesthetic and so reduces pain further
Lip Fillers Bradford

Who does the treatment?

At Rejuveo Aesthetics in Bradford we pride ourselves on safety and quality above everything else.

All our treatments are preformed by GMC regulated Doctors who have:

  • Fully insured
  • GMC registered
  • Fully trained in aesthetics procedures including complications
  • Independent Prescribers
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Where Are You Based?

We hold our Doctor led Clinics in Bradford in the Carlisle Business Centre

This means we are easily accessible from:

  • Leeds
  • Wakefield
  • Dewsbury
  • Halifax
  • Huddersfield
  • Brighouse
  • Keighley

We have over 160+ 5 Star Reviews on Google

Dr Shaan Rejuveo Aesthetics

Want to see Under Eye Filler in Action?

Suki Kaur
Suki Kaur
Great experience with Dr Shaan for lip fillers with great results. He took his time to talk through the process and was super gentle throughout as well as patient. Would recommend.
Aleesha Soraya
Aleesha Soraya
My experience with Rejuveo aesthetics was amazing. This was my first time getting lip fillers so I was very nervous but I was constantly reassured and talked through the whole procedure. Dr Shaan was welcoming and friendly. He took his time with the appointment and made me feel very comfortable. Would definitely recommend
Hana Hassan
Hana Hassan
first time at rejuveo aesthetics for lip filler. great results, extremely pleased thanks to dr shaan!
Rachel Bamborough
Rachel Bamborough
This was my 2nd visit to Rejuveo with Dr Shaan again. 5* ++ again. Professional service, very informative as well as an enjoyable experience. I already can’t wait to book my next treatment in future. Thanks so much Dr Shaan!!
Very good service. Well explained. Options presented clearly and zero pressure. Engaging Doctor with great bedside manner.
A.I Makeup
A.I Makeup
My first time getting lip filler.. I have never had any cosmetics treatment and it's safe to say that needles anywhere near my face was causing some anxiety. I had an initial consultation with Dr Shaan and he quickly put my mind at ease. I didn't feel pressured at any point (to getting treatment straight away) and Dr Shaan had no problem answering any of questions. I decided to go ahead and book in the treatment for lip filler, I'm quite sceptical when it comes to pain, however, rest assured Dr Shaan had every aspect of my concerns covered. He took time in talking me through the process and made sure I was completely comfortable and confidant before beginning. The "nightmare needles" felt more like a slight pinch and I absolutely love my new look. Thanks ever so much and I'm so grateful to have such a skilled, talented doctor who understands clients needs, for my lip journey!!
Roxanne S
Roxanne S
Arrived at the clinic which was spotless and beautifully decorated. Dr Shaan was really friendly and knowledgeable. I was very very nervous due to a fear of needles and this being a first time procedure but i soon felt at ease. Dr Shaan explained the procedure which ultimately wasnt suitable for me which indicated to me what a brilliant clinic this is and they are not just there for the money. I 100% recommend Rejuveo and will return for any future procedures i may want to undertake.
diane parkinson
diane parkinson
Very professional. Dr Shaan puts your mind at ease and goes through the full procedure, making sure you are happy with everything before he proceeds. Would highly recommend 👌
Nafisah Iqbal
Nafisah Iqbal
My experience with Rejuveo clinic was unbelievably amazing. They make you feel so reassured, safe and comfortable before the procedures. Recently, my treatment was quick, precise and almost painless, the arnica cream really helped. 😅☺️
Asha Rehman
Asha Rehman
I was extremely satisfied with the advice Dr Shaan gave me he understood exactly what I wanted and was very honest with his advice. I didn’t feel forced into getting any treatments done but the treatment I did go for was done with care and attention to detail highly recommend
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