What are lip fillers?

Lip Fillers are dermal fillers which are used to add volume and fullness to the lips. They are a safe treatment to enhance the lip shape and volume and last on average 9-12 months.

How do dermal fillers work?

Dermal fillers contain a glycoprotein called Hyalauronic Acid. This is a naturally occurring product which draws water to the area. When injected in to the lips it can be used to add volume but also enhance the shape. In the lip injections we use softer filler and it lasts on average 9-12 months.

How is the treatment administered?

Firstly we prepare the area by using a strong numbing cream. Once the area is numb we inject the dermal filler in to the lips to add volume and structure. The procedure takes on average around 5-10 minutes.

Are there any side effects?

As with any injectable it is normal to expect some element of swelling and bruising. This usually lasts around 48 hours and settles down within the first week. You can help speed this up by using ice packs and it settles down quite quickly.


  • Lip enhancement
  • Subtle look (0.5ml) from
  • Natural look (1ml) from
  • Appointment duration

    All our appointments are 1 hour long. Don’t worry the treatment does not take that long! We keep them this length to take a thorough medical history and also to take our time to understand your expectations.

  • Back to work on the same day?

    Of course you can! There is absolutely no down time in this treatment. Do note that you may have some swelling after the treatment.

  • Make-up after treatment?

    Yes you can but we recommend at least waiting 4 hours after the treatment. The reason for this is to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Do you dissolve the filler?

    Yes we can dissolve the filler using an enzyme hyalase. This breaks down the filler immediately.

  • How many mls can I get?

    We recommend no more than 1ml per session as the lips need time to accommodate the filler. This is the best way to avoid any side effects.

  • Who can have this treatment?

    This treatment is suitable for a variety of people. Whether you are interested in more volume or you want to correct the proportions of your lips this is a great treatment for you. It can also be useful in correcting the shape of your lips as well.

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