What is full facial contouring?

Full facial contouring is a bespoke package tailor made for you. Each face is unique and so we offer a personalised treatment package to help achieve your desired look.

For example if you are trying to achieve a “slimmer face” it may be possible with a small amount of cheek filler and chin filler. There is no one size fits all and so we offer this personalised service to our clients.

How does it work?

You undergo a thorough consultation with the doctors to really understand your goals and what you are trying to achieve. We will talk through different options and approaches we can use. Whether you are trying to restore volume loss or enhance your jaw line we can create a personalised package for you.

You end up paying per ml of filler used and it is significantly cheaper than getting each treatment individually.

What treatments are included?

The following treatments are included in the personalised package:

  • Lip fillers
  • Cheek fillers
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Marionette Lines
  • Jawline
  • Chin

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty and Tear Trough are NOT included in the personalised packages.

Are there any side effects?

These treatments are generally safe although as with any injectable treatment you can expect to have small element of bruising and swelling. This is normal and will settle down quickly.


  • Personalised packages from
  • Consultation separate?

    We can often do the treatment directly after the consultation but there is no obligation. If you prefer to take some time to think about the treatment then that is completely fine.

  • Jawline filler duration?

    In the jaw we tend to use a higher density filler meaning it lasts 12-18 months. To define the jawline sometimes a small amount of dermal filler is also needed in the chin.

  • When to get treatment pre-event?

    This is really common and so we always recommend for a big event to get the treatment at least 8 weeks in advance. The reason being is you want the filler to settle in to place. You can always get a top up at a later date.

  • Do I need 3ml minimum?

    The personalised packages are for clients that want to have dermal fillers in different areas and so we have a minimum of 3ml. At this point it becomes more cost effective to choose the personalised package.

  • Back to work on the same day?

    Of course you can! There is absolutely no down time in this treatment. Do note that you may have some swelling after the treatment.

  • Who can have this treatment?

    This treatment is suitable for a variety of people. Whether you are interested in more volume or you want to correct the proportions of your lips this is a great treatment for you. It can also be useful in correcting the shape of your lips as well.

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Other Treatments

We provide a variety of services, some of those include the following.

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      Add contour and replace lost volume in your cheek to turn back the years

    • Full Facial Contouring

      Our Bespoke treatment package which includes a combination of treatments including Jawline and chin treatments