Elijah Delila - Treating an Instagram Influencer

Elijah Delila - Instagram Influencer

by Dr Shaan - Rejuveo Aesthetics

Elijah Delila is an Instagram influencer based in the north of England and one of our regular clients at Rejuveo Aesthetics. 

Check out her latest consultation with Dr Shaan below!

Previous BAD Experience with Dermal Fillers

Elijah Delila had been to previous aesthetic practitioners in the past. However she felt they never really took in to consideration what she wanted to achieve. They were always rushed. They also did not consider what she wanted. Often they would just give her a standard package- in other words a one size fits all approach! Above all she was worried about getting treatment from practitioners who were not medically qualified! What if something went wrong?!

Elijah Delila Instagram Influencer

What We Do Differently!

  1. All our injectors are qualified medical practitioners
  2. 1 hour consultation to go through what you want to achieve (in detail!)
  3. No one size fits all! We create an individual treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetics goals
  4. Think about your short term goals but also how you will look in 5- 10 years as well!
  5. Use the highest quality products

It was our attention to detail which left Elijah with a great experience. She is now a loyal client of Rejuveo Aesthetics. 

What treatments did Elijah Delila get done?

After a thorough consultation we decided to add a small amount of cheek filler to Elijah’s face. This adds more contour and volume to her mid-upper face. This was  important as she works as a model. Therefore we had to enhance her side profile as well as her front profile.

We used a thick dermal filler so that it would mimic the appearance of bone. Therefore this gives her that high arching cheek bones look.

Elijah Delilas review Speaks for itself!

Elijah Delila Instagram

Follow her progress on her Instagram page!

If you are interested in her journey with dermal fillers check out her instagram page here

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I hope you enjoyed this article about Elijah Delilas journey! If you have any more questions take a look at our page about Cheek fillers for more information!

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