When To Get Dermal Fillers Pre Wedding

When To Get Dermal Fillers Pre Wedding

By Rejuveo Aesthetics

It is your wedding day. One of the biggest days of your life. You want to look your best. Naturally many people use this opportunity to dip their toe in the field of injectables. Whether it is dermal fillers or botox treatments, your wedding is a great excuse to try these treatments. 

However you need to be careful in how you get these treatments. You want them to enhance your beauty not ruin your big day due to complications

So today I am giving my 4 tips to guarantee the best experience with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments around your wedding ceremony.

  1. Always get your treatment well in advance
  2. Do not forget your side profile
  3. Get your make up trial done after the treatment
  4. Start with small tweaks. 
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1. Plan your aesthetic treatments at least 3 months in advance.

With any injectable treatment it is common to have some element of bruising and swelling. The last thing you want on your big day is to have any swelling or bruising on your face. You would never forgive us if we did that.

In fact we sometimes don’t treat clients if their wedding day is less than 2 weeks. It definitely is not worth the risk. 

To avoid this always have your aesthetic treatment at least 2-3 months in advance. 

It also help you get used to your new look.

Botox Crows Feet Before And After

2.Do not forget about your side profile.

So you have just paid a lot for a cameraman and videographer and they will be taking lots of photos from your side profile. Many people often think of treatments such as lips which enhance your frontal profile but do not neglect your side profile. Think about nose and cheek treatments which can improve your side profile using dermal fillers. 

In fact our most popular treatment before weddings is the non surgical rhinoplasty and it is for this reason. 

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Before and After

3. Book your make up trial after the treatment.

This is pretty self explanatory but is very important. Dermal fillers in particular can enhance your beauty. This can change the way your make-up sits.

For example you might need less highlighter if you get cheek fillers. Therefore it is important to get the make up trial after you have had the treatments. It also give you a realistic view of what you will look like on your wedding day.

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4. Start with small tweaks

This is perhaps the most important tip. Start with small tweaks. I cannot emphasise this enough. You want to look natural on your big day and you want these treatments to enhance your beauty. Not drastically change it. For any big occasion with dermal fillers or botox it is always important to start with small changes and work your way up. 

That is another reason why you should get your treatment early. You can always have a top up if you feel you want more. 

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In Conclusion

  1. Always get your treatment well in advance
  2. Do not forget your side profile
  3. Get your make up trial done after the treatment
  4. Start with small tweaks. 

I hope you found this information useful and if you have any questions feel free to send them!

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