Lip Fillers in Bradford Explained

Lip Fillers in Bradford Explained

by Dr Shaan - Rejuveo Aesthetics

Lip fillers in Bradford are one of the most sought after procedures at Rejuveo Aesthetics. Dermal fillers are usually used to enhance the looks of lips, making them appear more plump and full. They can even enhance the shape of your lips. 

What is a dermal filler?

Dermal fillers are made out of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body. A synthetic version of these molecules is used to inject the lips. It works by drawing water to the area.

What can it achieve?

Lip injections can achieve two main things:

  1. Enhance the volume of the lips
  2. Augment the shape of your lips

Stages of the procedure- What you can expect

The Consultation

The first step to any procedure is a consultation. This is split in to 2 main aspects:

  1. The Medical Aspect 

During the consultations, your medical history will be looked at and discussed. We must ensure you are not pregnant, breastfeeding or have any severe allergies. If this is the case, we might not be able to treat you. 

2. The Aesthetic Aspect

We then discuss the aesthetics side of things.This includes what you would like and why you have chosen the procedure. The doctors will always ask what your ultimate goal is and how the best way is to achieve that. 

If you and the doctors are happy with the advice and guidance the treatment can go ahead (usually straight after).

The appointments are usually 1 hour long so we can go through all the information with you at your own pace.

Lip injections


First thing we do is apply a strong numbing cream to the area. The lip injections take around 5 minutes and are very quick. This is actually the shortest part of the entire appointment. Throughout the treatment we will be showing you with a mirror of what to expect.

The Aftercare


Aftercare is very important to the Doctors at Rejuveo. An aftercare pack will be given to you after your procedure to ensure you have well looked after. The pack includes information on what to expect after having your fillers in Bradford. We will also go through what is normal and what is abnormal.

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Commonly asked questions about lip fillers in Bradford

How long do fillers last?

Lip fillers can last 9-12 months. This also depends on your lifestyle e.g. if you smoke, use sunbeds or have a higher metabolism, these factors can decrease the time they last. 

What can’t I do after I have the fillers in?

We ask you to avoid kissing or massaging your lips straight after the procedure. Do not wash harshly or use an exfoliating scrub on the area. We also recommend not to touch the area and avoid make up for 4 hours after treatment. Furthermore, avoid alcohol for 24 hours after treatment.

Are Lip fillers painful?

Lip fillers are generally not painful but may feel uncomfortable.  A topical numbing cream is used to numb the area before the filler is injected. If you do have any concerns, they can be addressed in the consultation prior to your treatment.

Hope you found this article useful about lip fillers in bradford. If you have any more questions take a look at our lip fillers explained page!

If you are interested in a free consultation we hold private clinics in Bradford and Manchester. We regularly treat clients from Keighley, Ilkley, Guiseley, Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Halifax.